Are you recruiting?


Are you recruiting?

We are receiving numerous calls from our clients that have suddenly realised they are behind the curve in either projected or current headcount requirements.

The sudden realisation “we are ending September, and December is only a few months away” is hitting home and yet many have not embarked upon their recruitment campaigns or started the hiring process.

The Security & Surveillance vertical, like other markets, is hot. With this is mind, there is no longer an abundance of good talent that has slipped through the net and readily available on the open market.  What was once easy, can now be a slow and painfully protracted process just to locate or identify the pedigree of individual you need to hire.

Once CVs’ are received from the applicant pool, then begins the interview process.

The initial interview is assessing who to take forward to the short-list stage and setting the agenda for the next stage. At the second interview you may want to, bring some colleagues in to see how your selected candidates perform – perhaps including representation for HR

When the big day arrives, you and your peers wait in anticipation to see how your potential future employees will translate from CV to performing under the spotlight.

At this point you may discover that your choice of candidate was an inspired selection. Or, conversely spoke a great fight at the initial interview but, on further examination, could not substantiate their claims.

Regardless of the outcome you are now two to three weeks into the recruitment journey. And if a positive outcome – still have to negotiate the offer / acceptance stage – sitting tight through the notice period and trusting that the chosen candidate doesn’t get identified and attracted by another hiring company or competitor

That is of course if you have found the person you want to hire. If not, like a game of snakes and ladders, you are back to square one and dangerously close to missing business deadlines and objectives.


What can we learn from others mistakes? The most obvious is planning a recruitment campaign with realistic on-boarding time lines, ensuring you have a defined path to work to.

Secondly, to enable you to recruit the skilled resource you need (irrespective of whether the hire is Managerial, Sales, Technical, Marketing) it is critical to the success of your campaign to engage with a “Specialist” that recognises where to go, who to contact. Someone that has their finger on the “market pulse” and that is already tapped into what is happening and has the credibility and reputation within the sector as a person that can be referenced to make a positive contribution to a candidates’ career.

If you looking to on-board new staff for 2016, you need to start the process now, engaging with an organisation that has industry expertise and a track record of adding value to their clients’ businesses through attracting first choice hires and not second best or worse, your competitor’s rejections.


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