Dear Anonymous LinkedIn User


Dear Anonymous LinkedIn User,

Thank you for viewing my profile.

After carefully perusing my details, you will see that I am an experienced Recruiter dealing within the Security & Video Management space. Is this perhaps what you wanted to see?

As a polite word of advice, if you were looking to connect with me I have no idea who you are or what you want; no way of getting back to you and finally will be unable to help you with your career whilst you remain in the shadows.

Having clearly attracted your attention somehow (Perhaps it’s my dashing good looks? The professional layout of my profile?) please feel free to come back and view me again when you are a little braver.

There is nothing on my profile that I am not prepared to be in the public domain.

Unfortunately, whilst you were looking at me, a number of prospective clients also looked at your profile – but you have no idea who they are now because anonymity on LinkedIn works both ways.

Hope that you recover from your attack of shyness soon. Perhaps we can connect in the future.



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